Thursday, January 04, 2007

Three (3) Most Difficult Situations/Love Problems

...that Joe d' Mango had to give advice to in his career.

1. Setting The Person You Love Free
Joe says that it is very easy to say to someone who needs advise but it's definitely very hard to do. We must accept whatever decision our partner makes to pursue his/her happiness. Just let him be and let him free. If that person really loves you, he will come back to you.

2. Love Fading Away
Joe says that there isn't a LOVE that fades away or lost. He says that the reason why love fades or lost is because we give up on LOVE. We stop loving because we gave up on it. Loving is a commitment you must not give up on it. Cling to that thing that makes you love your partner. We should find ways to keep loving that person. (and probably make the other person keep falling for you also, like the song of alicia keys.... I keep on falling)

3. Third Party Relationship
Joe's comment was more on the side with the third party. He says that third party relationships are mainly due to pursuing a better person. We think that the third party is better than the current partner. We always look for a better one. Joe says, "but if you are always looking for someone better, IT WILL BE AN ENDLESS SEARCH 'coz there's always someone better after a while..." I think he's right. I just hope that I'll find the person who'll make my eyes blind so that i'll never look at others.

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