Thursday, September 28, 2006


i'm thinking of you tonight
and all that i want to do

i wanna look into your eyes
like i'm looking into your soul

i wanna hold your hand
squeeze it tight like there's no letting go

i want you to hug me so tight
just to show me how much you've missed me

i wanna feel your kiss
just like the first time it felt so right

but most of all, i just wanna be with you tonight
like it's the last time you'd ever be mine
Call me crazy to fall for someone like you
I can't seem to help it coz i always do
The truth is you've always been special
Eventhough most of the time it didn't show

Oh i wish i could see the future
So i would know how it ends for you and me
I wanna know if this time it's for real
Or if fate is just playing with me again

Have you ever thought fate may be playing games with you
Coz somehow you always seem to keep coming back to me
I guess you you just got to stop and realize
That there's got to be a reason why this keeps happening

Maybe we should take it as a sign
Something we were just too blind to see
So take my hand now and never let go
Until we see an apple in an orange tree