Monday, January 29, 2007

Falling Out of Love

Sometimes we fall in love and it feels so great--

So great that we never want to fall out of it...
But sometimes, though we hate to admit,
We have to fall out of it..
And falling out of love is such a great decision to make...
Actually, it's one decision that can haunt us forever..

Falling out of love doesn't just mean that we
don't love the person anymore..
It means more than that..
It means not wanting the person whom you have
thought to be a part of you--
To be a part of your today and tomorrow.
It might also mean that you don't want to care for the person anymore
Or rather, that you have grown tired
Of waiting for that person to come back to you...

And that it's that waiting that made you fall out of love..
It might also mean that you can't have what you want,
And that you are no longer wanted by the other person..
Now that would hurt a lot, but if that is the case,
Then maybe, falling out of love is the right choice.

But how can a love as sweet as mine be so wrong?
How and why would I want to fall out of love from someone I truly care for?
Why would I want to start my life all over again
When I can just pick up the pieces and go from there?
But most of all, why would I want to teach my heart not to love someone
Whom I have known in my heart, as the one person that I will love forever.

These questions and so much more can be answered by a single word..
And that word is "LOVE"..
Though we don't want to admit it to ourselves, love has two sides..
Falling in love and falling out of love..
It has two faces and we tend to forget the one that hurts..
And maybe, this is what I, myself have forgotten.
Maybe I have forgotten, that when I let myself fall in love,
I also let myself vulnerable to feel the pain of falling out.
This is this risk that I have to accept
If I want to experience "LOVE"
And it is this "LOVE" that has led me to where I am today.

Maybe it is not all love that will keep us in a relationship..
Maybe there's more to it than love..
Maybe relationships need more ingredients other than love..
Maybe if patience, loyalty, trust, respect,
honesty, and communication are added
Then maybe, the relationship will be better.

But what happens when we all know these and more
Yet we still do fall out of love..
What is next?
Do we fall out of love like a lightning?
Do we fall out of love as if we got burned?
No--we don't...
For falling out of love takes so much of who we are..
It takes away our strength and our heart.

Falling out of love is like trying to stop
something that we are fond of doing,
Or trying to stop what we like so much...
It can also mess up with our minds...
'Coz when we fall out of love, we try to be so
analytical if why it has to end.
So now I ask, if falling out of love is so hard to do,
Then why do we still have to fall in love in the first place?

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