Wednesday, October 10, 2007

101 Things I Learned About Girls and Relationships

1. Never indulge her with too many gifts. Whether it be chocolate, jewelry, flowers, or etc. Teach her to appreciate.
2. Appreciate her.
3. Never give her too much attention. Don’t make her the center of your life. Prioritize.
4. Find a hobby. Be passionate about something. Girls like passionate guys.
5. Prevent yourself from jumping into conclusions. Listen to both sides of the story.
6. If she jumped into a conclusion, patiently tell her your side of the story.
7. If she tells you she needs space, then give her space. No need to call her innumerable amounts. Give her time.
8. If she hangs up on you, call her back. If she doesn't pick up, try calling her once again. However, if she still doesn't pick up, give her some time. Wait until she calls back or call her back tomorrow.
9. Never, under any circumstances, hang up on her.
10. We all know men are horny. But no need to excessively show it. It's a turn off.
11. Don't be so touchy. Let her know your relationship isn't based on lust.
12. Don't be afraid to sing for her, even if you think you have a horrible voice. She'll love it.
13. Don't be timid around her friends. It's important to leave good impressions on them.
14. Make a CD for her with her favorite songs.
15. Make a CD for her with your favorite songs.
16. Be confident. Girl's like confident guys.
17. Don't be scared to reveal your soft side.
18. But, don't be soft all the time. Show her your tough side once in awhile. Take care of her.
19. Trust her. You don't need to know every place she goes, every guys she talks with, etc. She'll gradually, and slowly, gain your trust.
20. Trust yourself.
21. Don't call her when you're drunk.
22. Don't question her about her past boyfriends, or what bases she has gone up to. Not until you guys trust each other, and in a stable relationship.
23. If she told you, don't bring it up again next time. Don't get jealous.
24. Never talk to her when you're extensively infuriated. You will talk out of your ass and remorse with much regrets later on.
25. When mad, calmly tell her you need time. When toned down, gently justify your reasons for getting mad.
26. Keep a daily diary. Give it to her in your anniversary.
27. Take pictures with her.
28. Take pictures of her.
29. Let her take as many pictures of you as she wants.
29. Keep a picture of you two in your wallet.
30. Cook for her.
31. Cook together.
32. Bake cookies/cupcakes for her.
33. Bake cookies/cupcakes together.
34. Learn to be aggressive, when appropriate.
35. Learn to take chances and risks.
36. Mark her birthday, your anniversaries, her parent's birthday, her sibling’s birthday and other important dates on your calendar.
37. Keep a good relationship with her parents.
38. Don't be afraid to hold her hands in public.
39. Instead of going to the theatre, rent movies at a local store and watch it at your/her house.
40. Watch Disney/kid movies together.
41. Compliment her.
42. However, don't excessively indulge her with compliments.
43. Never lie. Even if you believe it's for the better of both of you, don't. Always be honest.
44. Joke around and be immature. Liberate yourself.
45. Learn to be serious when time calls.
46. Go shopping together. Hold the bags for her, no matter how minimal.
47. Draw a picture of her for her. Even if you're the worst artist in the world.
48. Let her draw you.
49. Subtly, leave a note on her pillow.
50. Engage in sports together.
51. Accept her for who she is, despite her flaws and her past mistakes.
52. Teach her how to drive (no matter how bad she may be. Actually... well..).
53. Go for a jog/run.
54. Go for a walk.
55. No need to pay attention to rumours from her/your friends. Talk to her about it. Not them.
56. Smell good.
57. Don't be afraid to smile. No matter how ugly you think your smile may be.
58. Always be there for her. No matter how nominal her problems may seem.
59. No need to hide your imperfections. Humans are only fallible.
60. Go to the library together.
61. Study together; I mean, actually study.
62. Recommend her your favorite book.
64. Introduce her to your family.
65. Be silly. Learn to embarrass yourself in front of her once in awhile.
66. Hold her hand when you're driving.
67. Give her a massage.
68. Fall asleep on the phone together.
69. Turn on a soft/classical music while she's asleep on the phone.
70. Remember every little, insignificant things she tell you/say.
71. Write her a poem.
72. Recite it to her.
73. Compose a song for her.
74. Sing it for her.
75. Make her a scrapbook.
76. Don't be afraid to go buy a tampon/pad for her.
77. Go grocery shopping together.
78. If you want her to open up, try opening up first.
79. Don't try to hide your tears in front of her.
80. Wish her goodnight every night.
81. Feed her.
82. Let her feed you.
83. Don't have high expectations. You'll only be let down.
84. Pray for her. Aloud.
85. Pray with her.
86. Rid of your pride.
87. Open the door for her.
88. Be patient.
89. Smile at her.
90. Cherish her.
91. Thank her.
92. Drink tea together.
93. Never drive aggressively when you're mad - at least when she's in the car.
94. Pick out a seashell for her at the beach.
95. Win her a doll at a boardwalk.
96. Take sticker pictures together.
97. Go trick-or-treating together.
98. Let her do your nails.
99. Let her wear your clothes.
100. Watch her favorite movie together.
Last, but not the least, and most importantly,
101. Always be yourself.

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