Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hatred and break-ups

Love is a beautiful feeling. But the flip side of love is hatred. Hatred overwhelms a person when he/she feels cheated and after that it is sadness all the way. If a break-up occurs and hatred remains, that will eat away the vitals of the sufferer. Why do lovers begin hating each other with more intensity than they loved? There is nothing mysterious about it.

We hate somebody when we feel that a person played a dirty game with us. We hate when we feel cheated by someone. We hate someone when we feel that we are not getting our due. Hatred may be justified or unjustified in some cases. Psychologically disturbed persons may hate for no discernible reason. But a lot of hatred involves reality.

Sometimes, a person wants unreasonable demands fulfilled. When these demands are not met, he/she hates the person who could not do that. No amount of explanation will help. The primary desire is get demands fulfilled, that is not possible and the answer is hatred and not understanding. The break-up takes place after that. Many times the hatred is totally justified. A person who gets killed will hate the perpetrator of the crime. We are speaking about emotional killing.

Such break-ups that end with one person full of hatred have no possibility of any reconciliation. That break-up saddens both the partners. The need is to understand the true nature of your partner and break up sooner than later. Wishful thinking is not good in certain circumstances.

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