Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why do people say life is short?
when its the longest of them all
why does life give you heartbreak?
but not expect you to fall
Life has great characters
but a complicated story
each person's life is different
tears, laughs and the glory
but life has a meaning
but the answer cant be told
one day we will work it out
when we are tired and old
Sometimes you just look around,
find yourself people who are much better than you,
maybe its always been like that,
and maybe its not just you............
Your always around your friends,
but somehow they just don't care,
they're all ignoring you,just all of them.....
When your not yourself,
people don't like you,
cause all of them know,
your not you,
point is even if,
you were you,
would they care??.....
In this world,
you only get to live once,
so why not make the best of it,
instead of living it the way you'd regret it...

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