Sunday, March 04, 2007

Irony of True Love

Isn’t it ironic how almost everyone subject themselves to emotional anxiety and pains, in search of the so called one true ‘LOVE’, when in fact nobody can ever provide one (and universally accepted) definition of this word?... when nobody can guarantee an end when the journey begins? Isn’t it ironic how one person can make you so miserable to the extent of doubting your sense of self-worth and feeling impotent, when there standing behind you are countless people who believes in you and values you so much in their life?

Isn’t it stupid that we allow one person whom we barely know and whom we just met, to destroy the fruits of our past and to dictate our future by investing all our emotions in the belief that he can provide the happiness that we would need to last our lifetime? Isn’t it amazing how society makes us believe that this one person will be enough to make us abandon the joys from the people who really loved us and those who molded us into the very person that made this one person love us in the first place?

Isn’t it unbelievable that we rely on one person to measure our importance through the number of phone calls, text messages, e-mails, chocolates or flowers that we receive, when there are people whom we call family and friends who never fail to make us feel so important? Doesn’t it astonish you how one failed relationship suddenly destroys the pride, confidence and wisdom we have carefully collected and owned from the people and events in our past... the foundations that made up the person that you really were?

Isn’t it so stupid that we forget about everything we believed in, how easily we lose our faith in love just because of one jerk who, to his misfortune, didn’t recognize true love when it was in front of him?

Isn’t it amazing how we punish ourselves and how we choose to stay in misery, when joy is just one step ahead of us, just because of one mistake (of love) to which we also happen to be the victim?

So I ask, why do we have to do this to ourselves?

When NOBODY but you knows who you really are and how valuable you are? So please, never allow any jerk to make you believe otherwise.

MISTAKES, never be ashamed of them for we all commit one. Love, after all, is about acceptance. Those who cannot accept you for who you are do not deserve your love, simply because he is not capable of giving you the love that you deserve.

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